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Anchor Individually Wrapped Slices Cheese Singles 100g (per case)


Individually wrapped slices and ready to use.
48 pieces per case

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Anchor™️ Cheddar Slices is an individually wrapped reduced fat processed cheese slice with a mild to medium cheddar cheese flavour.
It is high in calcium which is good for strong bones. Ideal for sandwiches and snacks

Features and Benefits:
Individually wrapped and ready to use
Manufactured using 100%  fresh dairy cream  from pasture-fed cows.

Storage and Handling:

Product should be stored below -9°C.
Keep away from strong odours and highly perishable food.
Keep away from direct sunlight.
When stored frozen, product has a minimum shelf-life of 24 months from time of manufacture.
Shelf-life under refrigerated conditions (2-4°C) is at least 8 weeks