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DLA El Pao Dark Chocolate Couverture 58% Cocoa Content (per case)


Made with a cocoa bean to chocolate production process using the latest technology by Belgian artisans.
Proudly made in the Philippines.
Cocoa Content: 58%
2kg per pack

10 packs per case

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Compound chocolates are no-tempering, with home-roasted cocoa powder blends and subtle mouthfeel. These have round flavors without the waxy texture.
With a taste profile of creamy and bold milky notes

Features and Benefits
Bean to chocolate manufacturing process that is able to preserve the authentic full flavour of the cocoa bean as compared to manufacturers that produce directly from cocoa mass.
Made with cocoa beans from Ghana, Ecuador & Madagascar to deliver a combined strong chocolaty, bitter-sweet, floral/fruity flavor
Multi-origin that delivers a unique combination of chocolate flavors.
Faster melting process (melting point between 34°c to 37°) that leads to more efficient and cost-effective production processes.

Storage requirements : Air-conditioned at 18°C

Shelf life : 24 months