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DLA Santo Tomas Dark Chocolate Couverture 70% Cocoa Content (per case)


Made with a cocoa bean to chocolate production process using the latest technology by Belgian artisans.
Proudly made in the Philippines.
Cocoa Content: 70%
2kg per pack
10 packs per case

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Made from cocoa beans bought from selected farmers around the world. Specific blends combined with accurate roastings and perfect conching times reveal symphonic flavors and taste.
Has a taste profile of chocolaty, bitter and well-rounded with tobacco and woody notes

Features and Benefits :
Made with cocoa beans from Ghana, Ecuador & Madagascar to deliver a combined strong chocolaty, bitter-sweet, floral/fruity flavor.
Multi-origin that delivers a unique combination of chocolate flavors.
High percentage of cocoa mass provides a very strong flavor adding in the final product
Has a faster melting point between 34°C to 37°C that leads to more efficient and cost-effective production

Storage requirements : Air-conditioned at 18°C

Shelf life : 24 months