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Pauly Cream Cheese 1.36kg (per case)


Provides a substitute that is a cost-friendly solution to your cream cheese needs.
10 pieces per case

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Pauly cream cheese has a very light yellow, natural cream colour. It has a smooth texture with a medium soft consistency and a cheesy aroma.

Features and Benefits
Pure dairy with natural cream cheese colour, aroma and flavor. May be used in all cream cheese applications. Provides a well-balanced flavor in terms of saltiness and acidity.
Provides creaminess in all bakery applications with a natural creamy mouthfeel and texture.
Excellent stability and volume in baked applications.

General Storage and Handling:
Must be stored and at 4ºC at all times.
Do not freeze as this will damage the structure of the product and it will no longer be usable.
Provided the packaging seal is not torn or leaking, cream cheese may be stored for its full shelf life period.
Once opened, should be stored at 4ºC and consumed within 7 days.

Shelf Life:
12 months from date of manufacture, if stored at the recommended temperature in an unopened package.